Amazon has announced the opening of four grocery stores on the East Coast and one of them is coming to our area! Bucks County will be home to the first Amazon grocery store in Pennsylvania. They are currently hiring for positions at the Warrington Township location.

According to Patch, Amazon opened its first grocery store, “Fresh,” in Los Angeles, California and has added ten additional locations to Southern California and several suburbs of Chicago. It is geared more toward the middle-income customer and there will be a Prime package pick up and return in the store.

According to Patch, there is no set date the Bucks County store will open, but according to Warrington Township Manager Barry Luber, the company is stocking shelves.

Although Amazon already owns Whole Foods, it is really weird to think of Amazon having a grocery store. Amazon is a big online company and Amazon Pantry, which delivers groceries and bulk items right to your door, is a unique and different idea that no other company has been doing.

A grocery store is a necessity, but there is little you can do to diversify it. I wonder how these stores will differ from a traditional grocery store or if it will just be part of the Amazon chain.

Amazon is already a well-versed company, so it will likely “Fresh” will be just as successful, but it is going to be interesting to see what the store will look like when it is open, especially so close to home. Will there be any resemblance of a Whole Foods, or will it be a new entity completely?


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