As of recently, the Newtown Township Police has reported two incidents of counterfeit money circulating in the Bucks County area. Just the other week, two men were caught on surveillance camera purchasing items with fake money.

According to, on January 25 at around 7p.m two men were seen using a $100 bill to make a purchase in Newtown at McCaffrey's on Eagle Road. It was later revealed that that bill was counterfeit. Supposedly those two same men were seen attempting to use another fake bill at another store, but the store employees stopped them. 

Police have released the footage of the two men and are asking that if anyone recognized them to please com forward with information.

This is not the only time the county has had this problem. Even more recently a group of men tried to make attempts using fake money at Giant Food Store on Stony Hill Road. The men fled the scene before the were caught.

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