I am one of those people who notices everything. When we walk into the PST studios and something is out of place or changed, I can tell right away. I am the same way it comes to the roads I drive on every day.

Since I live in East Windsor, I have been noticing for months there has been a lot of activity on Princeton Hightstown Road. Specifically 148 Princeton Hightstown Road whereI am . First I noticed trees were being cleared out, then the building was being demolished, then the area completely flattened.

I had not seen anything else happening with the construction vehicles except digging and and flattening the land. That was until yesterday when I drove by and BAM! There's a wall!

My Awesome Photography Skills
My Awesome Photography Skills

So, being that I have seen various Amazon and other shipping warehouses all over the state, I can tell this is going to be another one. Princeton Hightstown Road is already congested, now we're going to add a warehouse? I am not too happy about this.

There are so many other things I can think fo to put in this space that is NOT a huge warehouse. Don't get me wrong, I love Amazon, but there could have been restaurants, gas stations, or hey, what a Whole Foods?

I just feel like these warehouses are going up everywhere and it made me sad to see all the trees being cleared out. Only time will tell what is actually going there, but I think residents will not be happy with this warehouse going up, if in fact that's what it is.

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