Now that summer is here, my nerves are a little more calm. The pandemic had me on edge for a while, but as soon as the weather got nicer and I was able to sit outside in my yard and get some vitamin D, things got a little better for me. I am staying away from public places for a while, so sitting in my backyard with a nice cold hard seltzer will have to do for now.

Popsugar featured a story on their website, and as soon as I saw the title, I just had to click on it. Just in time for summer, Truly Spiked Seltzer has released a line of boozy ice creams and sorbets. Yes you read that right. Hard seltzers are the latest craze right now and Truly's flavors are delicious, especially the new Lemonades they came out with. My favorite is the mango one, yum! So back to these boozy ice creams and sorbets, Truly and Tipsy Scoop, who are a liquor infused ice cream shop in New York. They've got a ton of different flavors and they look delicious. The Truly Lemonade ice creams and sorbets come in a variety pack for $48 and then you can also get a pack with Truly Lemonade seltzers with the sorbets and ice creams for $60. You don't have to go to New York to get these boozy ice creams and sorbets, they are available for delivery through Tipsy Scoop's website.

To read more about them, visit this article from Popsugar.

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