Is there ever a time when "taxes" are a good topic? Maybe if you are getting a return? Otherwise, I doubt anyone finds taxes a good topic. When you hear you have the highest property taxes, well that is never a good thing. This is not an honor we wanted here in the Garden State, but once again we are the recipients of this dubious honor.


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Property taxes have always been a sore subject here in New Jersey. So I apologize for adding insult to injury, but we have the highest property taxes in the nation once again. According to a recent Patch article, "Life in New Jersey tends to guarantee two things: death and high property taxes. The Garden State pays the nation's highest rate on property taxes by a long shot, with an average bill that's 43 percent higher than the second-leading state, according to a new report from WalletHub." Jon Tyson Jon Tyson


Well, that's not good news for Jersey residents. No one likes to talk about "property taxes" here in New Jersey because ours are always high. The Patch article added "New Jersey routinely ranks among the highest in the nation when it comes to property taxes. Average payments and home values have gone up steadily throughout the state over the past decade, regardless of what political party is in power." 

How are the property taxes in your town? Do you feel like you have a fair price when it comes to "property taxes" or do you feel you are paying too much? I doubt many would feel they pay too little in taxes.

Post your comments below. Jon Tyson Jon Tyson




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