There’s a weird mystery to be solved in New Jersey right now. Someone is playing the ultimate “prank” on Old Bridge, New Jersey residents right now and nobody knows how to feel.

Tweets and Facebook posts that were posted in Old Bridge, NJ community groups are circling the internet right now because someone has mysteriously dumped hundreds of pounds of pasta in the woods along a creek in Old Bridge, New Jersey. This is one of the most confusing things I’ve ever seen. I’ve been staring at the picture of the mounds of pasta for a while today and am just left with one question. Why?



The pasta has since been cleaned up, but Old Bridge resident Nona Jochnowitz estimated that there had to have been over 500 pounds of pasta just sitting beside this creek in the woods.

The pictures of the mounds of pasta are flooding the internet right now and the comments are hysterical. New York Post said that some Reddit comments were “He was actually framed….orzo I’m told” and “Lead suspect is a guy name Al Dente” another replied. Old Bridge residents have been left confused and curious as to who the pasta culprit is.

After seeing these pictures, I have to say I have so many questions. Who did this? Where did they get 500 pounds of pasta?

Why did someone waste 500 pounds of pasta? This for sure has to be one of the biggest unsolved mysteries that has come out of New Jersey in quite some time. If you want to get a good laugh, the Twitter and Reddit threads about this story are amazing.

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