An Olympic gold medalist has decided to step away from her professional life as a snowboarder to study at Princeton University.

According to, Olympic Athlete Chloe Kim took her first midterms at Princeton University and hated them. We all know that midterms and finals are not fun for any college students. They just put so much stress on students.

Chloe told that the whole idea of studying is so new to her. Prior to taking on this new endeavor, all of her schooling was online because she became a professional athlete at a young age. Chloe made it clear that she is not into all of the walking that she has to do to get to classes. This is what she shared with “I have to walk 10 minutes to my class, and then I have to run to my next class because I only have five minutes in between? What is this?!"

Chloe isn’t done with snowboarding, at least that's what Pop Sugar reported. The Olympic gold medalist also mentioned that while she won’t compete, she will still have fun doing some snowboarding during the winter. "It's such a big part of my life," she stated.

Being a college student as well as a professional athlete is very difficult for Chloe according to However, she has appreciated every moment of it. Here are some motivating words from Chloe. “Any dream you have is completely achievable, but we need to remember that it’s going to be difficult at times.”

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