The Pennsylvania Ice Cream Trail #PursueYourScoops is happening now and sounds like a delicious good time! There are three trails that feature and there are different regions to choose from! There are Western, South Central and Eastern trails and you download a passport and collect stamps at each ice cream stop and at the end you can get prizes like t-shirts and bowls.

According to Delish, this isn't the first year that this trail has happened, it's been going on for a few years and has gained lots of popularity. Even a writer from Food and Wine participated and had some great things to say.

This seems like it can be fun for all ages. Also, if your lactose intolerant, you can still partake in the trail without the ice cream. It's still describe as a beautiful walk and enjoy the scenery.

You better hurry though! The trail is only going on until September 2nd! You can get more details here.

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