Hot Halloween costume alert. I saw on Yahoo that one of this year's most popular drinks is going to be one of this year's hottest Halloween costumes. Although, you may already be too late to get it, unless you've got some serious DIY skills.

You can be a can of White Claw spiked seltzer!  So cute, right?  Of course, I wanted to be Black Cherry, my favorite flavor, so, I jumped right online, and the Etsy shop that was making the white dresses was already flooded, and it's shut down for now, until they can catch up with orders. Darn. But, I'm going to keep checking for updates. You could even choose your flavor...lime, grapefruit, mango. I love this idea so much.

Now, if you're feeling crafty, you could probably make your own version of this. I'm thinking print out the White Claw logo, blow it up, and somehow attach it to a white shirt. Boom. Lol.

I'll be on Pinterest, if anybody needs me.

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