Dear fellow first time home buyers during a pandemic,

There was no bigger fear than going through the process of purchasing a house during the pandemic. Am I still afraid of all of the responsibilities that come with being a homeowner? I absolutely am. But honestly don't let the bad things that have happened during this crazy year hold you back from your personal goals, like purchasing your first home.

I heard it all when I was sharing with family and friends that I was buying my first house. "This may be a bad idea because of the coronavirus." Or, "You will never get a house during a pandemic." With those comments, I did something I am good at doing and ignored negative people and negative vibes.

Did it make me think twice about purchasing a house after hearing all of the Debbie Downers give their opinion? Yes, it did because I went into escrow at the beginning of the pandemic when none of us knew what was going to happen. We didn't know what to expect.

Just know that the process of purchasing your first home during this pandemic is not difficult at all. As a matter of fact, it is actually better. The bank had mentioned to me that the interest rates were extremely low. At least they were when I purchased back in May. I recommend searching for what you believe is the perfect real estate agent for you and shoot your shot to see what you can get depending on your budget.

The great part of being a first time home buyer is that you can possibly take advantage of some benefits that the state offers. For example, perhaps some money towards your down payment or closing cost.

Trust me, I knew absolutely nothing about buying a house before making this big move. Don't listen to all of the negative people but definitely ask for advice from those that you trust the most.

By the way with all the COVID-19 restrictions whenever you happen to close on your first house don't expect to sign paperwork inside an office. Since I closed during the heart of the pandemic I signed all my papers on the hood of my car. We must social distance, you know.

Make your dreams come true even during a pandemic.

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