UPDATE (5:30 pm Sunday) - Google says issues with their suite of services should be resolving themselves. In fact, we've noticed Gmail and YouTube are both loading again correctly on our personal accounts.

Issues with Snapchat, however, were lingering on our devices this afternoon.

It's not clear if the outages between the platforms are at all connected.

ORIGINAL POST (4 pm Sunday) - 

Trying to access your Gmail account, watch a video on YouTube or view your friend's latest snap on SnapChat? You may be out of luck.

Users across all three platforms are reporting outages and error messages.

Google confirmed an issue with its platform just before 3:30 pm on Sunday. The popular mail service says they're "investigating the issue, and will provide an update by 4:28 pm."

The error was first confirmed at around 3:17 pm. A live outage map from the website DownDetector.com appears to suggest the issue is hitting the primarily hitting the Northeast, as of 3:50 pm Sunday evening.

Additional reports, tweets, and personal observations seem to suggest that outages could be plaguing YouTube and Snapchat this afternoon as well. DownDetector.com also shows outage reports surging for both YouTube and Snapchat in the Northeast, as of 3:50 pm Sunday afternoon.

In fact, we've seen error messages across all three platforms this afternoon ourselves at the radio station.

YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, but Snapchat is not.


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