Does today’s rain have you down? Well, it could be worse. Actually, it could be a LOT worse. Wait, actually… it’s been a LOT WORSE.

Yeah, it was March 21, 2018, when we were all snowed in dealing with a MAJOR winter storm. In fact, most of the area had more than 10" of freshly fallen snow on the ground. 

Do you remember that? If you needed a reminder, here's some video footage:

Spring had just started, but Mother Nature didn’t know that. In fact, we were in the middle of our fourth Nor’Easter of the month of March at this time, and what a doozy it was. In fact, you were probably stuck at home right now.

Luckily, the storm was pretty well forecasted so most of us stayed home. It was snowing so heavily that most businesses and area schools were closed well before the storm started.

We were experiencing white-out conditions across the area, and anyone who did venture out was likely to encounter very dangerous conditions.

Just how much snow fell?

Well, here’s a breakdown, from the National Weather Service's archives

14” in Quakertown (BUCKS COUNTY)
13” in Bedminster (BUCKS COUNTY)
13.5” in Tabernacle (BURLINGTON COUNTY)
12” in Mount Laurel (BURLINGTON COUNTY)
10.2” in Hamilton (MERCER COUNTY)
9.9” in Doylestown (BUCKS COUNTY)

The Jersey Shore definitely saw their fair share of snow on this day last year too. Parts of Ocean County reported more than 15” on the ground.

So that makes today's rain and wind seem not so bad after all, right?

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