This week was a terrifying one for a high school in Scranton. The students of West Scranton High School were told to evacuate in the middle of the school day after officials thought they spotted a bobcat in the hallways. It turned out to be a false alarm because the supposed bobcat was actually just a house cat that had gone missing.


According to WNEP, even animal control officials thought it was a bobcat and even went as far as to notify the Game Commission. "It looks, I mean, identical. [It has] the colors of a bobcat; it's missing a tail," Game Warden Jon Bowman told WNEP-TV. "So just err on the side of caution. We wanted to make sure all the students are safe, and staff are safe."

Once officials found and captured the cat they brought it to a local animal shelter. Luckily, the cat was microchipped and was able to be identified. According to People, officials weren't crazy for thinking the feline was a bobcat. It is actually a Clouded Jack — an exotic cat breed that resembles a bobcat. Turns out the cat has been missing from its owner for three whole months. His name is Kakashi, and was reunited with its family the very next day.


"Had us for a little bit of a run around town, trying to follow up leads and stuff, and then behold, he's at West [Scranton High School!]," owner Sheanine Johnson saidpa. "So, sorry, guys."


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