If you’re 420-friendly a love to paint, there are plenty of events that happen all throughout New Jersey that you need to check out. I was scrolling through Tiktok and noticed thst there’s a company that does “Paint and Puff” events throughout the state.

Marijuana is legal recreationally now in New Jersey, so I feel it’s only a matter of time before we see more and more events popping up around the state just like this one.


This company called Garden State of Mind does this event in different places throughout New Jersey, which is extremely similar to a “Paint and Sip” class.

Since consuming weed in a private space is legal, the company allows you to bring your own recreational weed and you can puff and paint the night away! New Jersey really has to be starting a trend here because I have never seen anything like this before.

This Instagram is full of people laughing, painting, and having a great time. Garden State of Mind lists on their Instagram exactly when the events are going to take place. Right now, there are a few coming up in New Jersey in different spots.


Next month alone, there will be 5 in New Jersey that you can attend. There’s going to be one in Montclair and another in Jersey City. One later in the month in Asbury Park, Milburn, and Clifton, New Jersey.

This is such a fun event if this is your vibe and you’re over 21! Any additional info can be found on their website, here!

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