It’s been months since the once long-standing Marlton Diner shut its doors for good. 

And ever since then, there’s been much speculation about what’s next for the closed retro-style diner located at 781 Rte 70 W, Marlton, NJ 08053.

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Not long after its permanent closing, a mysterious fence appeared around the building, and it was unclear whether its purpose was to ward off trespassers or a sign of a future demolition. But even more interestingly…

There’s also been speculation of whether or not plans were being made to turn the diner into a cannabis dispensary. 

If you were hoping the diner wouldn’t be demolished, good news! Here’s a glimmer of hope.

According the Facebook Community page A View from Evesham, a hearing has been scheduled for the Evesham Township planning board to hear an application for permission to open a cannabis dispensary! Enlighten Health and Wellness will make their plea before the board on Sep 22.

According to the post, the meeting will be held at 7pm in the Municipal Building. If approved, the building would be remodeled, not demolished!

The marijuana industry has been steadily profitable for New Jersey ever since marijuana was legalized in New Jersey on April 21 of this year. According to, in the first 10 weeks of its legalization, nearly $80 million was sold!

We’ll see how it goes. As someone who’s grown up going to the Marlton Diner, I’m so hopeful for this! That building holds so many memories for the locals, so it would be great to see its walls repurposed into something fun/useful and profitable for Marlton and its locals!

Stay tuned!!

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