Shout out to all the people participating in Dry January. You're halfway done! A lot of people use this month as a time to detox their bodies from all food and booze they devoured over the holidays. Not drinking for 31 days is people's way of kicking of the new year on a healthier note.

Sometimes when people go sober for a certain amount of time they feel as if they can't go out. They miss nights out with their friends in fear of being tempted. However, that necessarily doesn't have to be the case. Luckily, a bunch of local bars in Philly  are offering non-alcoholic drinks through the rest of the month.

Each of these places have come up with creative non alcoholic drinks that they are serving specially for Dry January participants. And the prices are extremely cheap!

  • The Bar by Bluebird Distilling at The Bourse
  • Art in the Age

  • Royal Boucherie

  • Rex 1516

  • Royal Tavern

  • Square 1682

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