Did you partake in the whole Dry January trend? It has to be tough to stay away from having a drink or two if you're a social butterfly. Dry January is not for everyone and it's something that a ton of people can't finish.

The American Addiction Centers released a map of the whole country with percentages of people from each state that failed to complete a full month alcohol-free. It has been mentioned that over one-third of New Jersey residents did not complete the Dry January challenge. What can we say, New Jerseyans love partying.

According to the American Addiction Centers, 1 in 3 people tried the Dry January challenge with a partner and 1 in 10 say being away from alcohol makes them feel lonely.

42% of New Jerseyans that tried doing Dry January failed and couldn't complete the challenge. Out of all the Pennsylvania residents that tried the challenge 43% failed.

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In January there is also a challenge that is known as Veganuary. Now that one sounds crazy tough. There is an extremely small chance that I could go a full day without any dairy. According to American Addiction Centers, Americans are way less likely to even try that challenge.

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