This may or may not be the craziest story I have heard in a while. And this isn't a good look for our state. A man from Pennsylvania attacked a cashier at a grocery store, simply because the cashier bagged his groceries wrong.

Bradley Bower, 55, was apparently waiting in line at a Giant Food store. The cashier was bagging his items and Bower was standing over him waiting to pay. According to the police, Bower became upset because the unnamed cashier put canned goods in the same bag as the chips Bower and his wife had purchased. Consequently, the weight of the canned goods crushed the chips.

Bower then made the cashier stop bagging his items, and on his way out said Do you have a problem with me? Because I have a problem with you.” After the cashier responded, Bower allegedly grabbed him by the neck and shoved him. Other witnesses and employees eventually separated the two.

Thankfully the whole incident was caught on camera. Unfortunately, the cashier suffered bruising to his neck. Bower, on the other hand daces one count of assault.


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