The coronavirus pandemic caused many businesses to close and many companies to look for alternate solutions to keep their employees safe. The reason was because of contact and the fear of spreading COVID-19 to others. Businesses told their employees to work from home and jobs with extreme contact, especially those that handle money and touching others on a daily basis were eliminated for the time being. Grocery stores were considered essential, but people were urged to use credit and debit cards because researchers and doctors told us that the virus is transported way easier on cash than credit or debit cards. I know a couple of businesses I went into in the height of the pandemic wouldn't even accept cash to keep themselves safe. So as we begin to get back to our new normal, I am not surprised that some things will never go back to the old way of doing things.

The Patch reports that Pennsylvania will be going cashless permanently and toll collectors will not take money from drivers from now on. The news is sad because toll collectors, who thought they were going to be getting their jobs back, are now laid off. Tolls will now be EZ Pass or a bill for the toll will be sent to the driver in the mail. This change will begin this week.

For more info, please visit this article from The Patch.

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