My husband and I bought our house last year and let me tell you, it wasn't easy to find it. We searched for 6 months until we found it because we had a big checklist. We wanted a big yard, four bedrooms, at least two bathrooms, and a basement. We ended up getting a house with pretty much everything we wanted and what we didn't get, we can make upgrades to later on. This is our forever home, so we'll be there for at least thirty years. Moving out of our apartment was such a pain in the butt and I won't do it again unless I absolutely have to for some unforeseen reason. We plan to retire at my family's beach house and like I said, we won't move until we retire down the road.

My husband and I have both been working the entire pandemic because we are both essential workers, but I know some of my friends who stayed home the entire time. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that people working from home and kids being home because schools are closed, it has affected privacy and productiveness. This article on wTop News, says that real estate website Zillow has been doing some research and has found that people are changing what they are looking for when it comes to a new home. People are no longer looking for that very desirable open floor plan because they don't have any privacy. They want rooms and even a separate office to be in all day. The article also says that 27% of people who weren't looking to move into a new house before the pandemic, may be now because they need more rooms to work in and separate themselves from the rest of the family.

I get it, the stress that this pandemic has put on people has been huge and some people may have to work from home until 2021 and who knows if schools will be open in the fall or not.

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