Everyone in the Bucks County and Philadelphia areas should be on a Golden Can lookout. According to 3 CBS Philly, Pepsi and the Philadelphia Eagles have teamed up to create a Golden Can in an effort to give some lucky fans a chance to win cool prizes. These prizes that are up for grabs will give the winners memories of a lifetime.

It was mentioned on the 3 CBS Philly website that the promotion Pepsi and the Philadelphia Eagles have come up with will give you the chance to experience a game from a suit. Not only that but you will also be able to "play in an Eagles alumni flag football game at Lincoln Financial Field."

Will it be easy to find that winning golden can? Probably not because there is only a limited amount out there.

We learned from 3 CBS Philly that Pepsi and the Philadelphia Eagles will only be releasing 20 Golden Cans. We have some bad news though. It has been mentioned that multiple cans already have been claimed. Ugh! Really? That means your chances are getting slimmer with only 18 cans left in the whole Philadelphia area.

While you are on the hunt you should know that you are looking for a GOLD Pepsi can that has the Philadelphia Eagles mascot on it. Right next to the Philadelphia Eagles Mascot you will also find the mascots name, Swoop.

You will be able to find that Golden Can with Swoop on it inside 12-packs of Pepsi products.

Only 18 cans left to be able to win the prize so you may want to go to the store and try finding that Golden can.


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