It's official! Fairs are coming back this year! Meadowlands was canceled in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but this year they plan on opening up with restrictions. According to Carnival Warehouse, the State Fair will run from June 18-July 11 for a full 24 days instead of the usual 18. State Fair Management Al Dorso says that the extra days are a way to “hedge our bets”.

Carnival Warehouse says that some of the restrictions mean that the fair can only operate at 50-60% capacity and that the number of rides will be reduced to 65 compared to the 73 rides that were hosted in 2019. Apparently, every aspect of the fair has to be changed and/or reimagined including the ticket sales. Carnival Warehouse reports that the fair will be switching to only online sales. All tickets, including unlimited rides, will be sold online. However, the State Fair Management has yet to come up with price points for the tickets.

According to Carnival Warehouse, the fair’s entertainment aspect is also being reconfigured. It looks like there will be more entertainment shows but they will be much shorter in length so that no more than 15-20 people are attending the show at one time. The particular acts are still up in the air but Carnival Warehouse is reporting that the Rosaire’s Royal Racers, a pig racing show, will definitely be returning.

I know New Jersey is going to be psyched to hear that not only is Meadowlands coming back but that we are getting 6 more days of it!


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