6abc reports, Maleek Jackson, a Philadelphia boxing gym owner has launched a free program for kids who ant to learn how to defend themselves. Maleek Jackson owns Maleek Jackson Fitness Boxing Gym and unfortunately has a past that involves a lot of gun violence. Due to his past and losing his brothers to gun violence, he launched his gym to give people a place to go to train and essentially stay out of trouble. This was also the thought behind the free youth program he just launched as well. He hopes that kids will come and learn to box and maybe even learn how to handle peer pressures.

What Maleek Jackson is doing is so fantastic and I applaud him for his efforts to make kids feel that they do not need guns to protect themselves. It's a scary world out there and the gun violence, especially in Philadelphia is increasing by the day. I always say I want to know basic self defense to defend myself so I can at least get away from an assailant. I think everyone should have a basic knowledge of this and it seems like Maleek knows this as well.

The overwhelming amount of gun violence that has been happening in our world these days is extremely scary. I feel like every other day I see another shooting that has happened for absolutely no reason at all. I feel like people just wake up, grab a gun and decide they will just walk into a random place and start shooting. Some of these are premeditated mass shootings and that is even more devastating to me. There is too much gun violence in this country and it's too easy to obtain guns and there needs to be a change.

Restaurants Hiring in Mercer County

Unemployment rates have gone down for the first time since the pandemic, but there are still a lot of people looking for jobs. As more and more people get vaccinated and state restrictions are being lifted, people are going out more, especially to restaurants. My family and I did some outdoor dining a few weeks ago on a nice night and the restaurant was slammed. I feel like they were not prepared for the rush that came in. I see signs on so many windows that say "Help Wanted" or "Now Hiring" and I wanted to highlight a few of those restaurants if you or anyone you know if looking for a job.

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