Do you feel like you saved some money in 2020 because you were driving less? If I did in fact save some money from driving less I honestly have no idea where it went. I wish I could have some extra money from driving less in 2020.

According to, the coronavirus pandemic has saved so many Americans a good amount of both money and time. We can all agree that during the pandemic there was really little to no traffic whatsoever.

We learned from that drivers in the United States of America spent 73 hours less in traffic than in 2019. In 2020 the average driver spent 26 hours in congestion compared to the 99 hours spent in 2019.  Americans saved 73 hours? Wow, That's just over 3 days out of traffic.

I am sure we all have encountered some traffic in the Philadelphia area and we hate it so much. It was stated on INRIX that Philadelphia is the second most congested area in the U.S. Philadelphia even beat the insane Los Angeles traffic. Philadelphia drivers lost about 94 hours just from driving in traffic. On the list of the 10 Most Congested Urban Areas in the U.S. for 2019, Philadelphia landed in the 3rd spot for 2020. It moved up in ranking, but it is still not a good ranking though.

INRIX also shared some details showing that Americans saved some money. Combined throughout the country drivers saved "$51 billion in time savings compared to 2019." I will say it again, I don't know where those savings went.

The INRIX Scorecard also mentioned that in the U.S. the collision rate dropped by 30%.

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