Uh oh, Eagles fans!

A new poll was released and it revealed that a lot of NFL players think Eagles fans are the most annoying in the entire NFL!

When I first read this, I was positive that I was wrong. There’s just no way that professional football players could be talking smack like this, but I was wrong!


A recent poll conducted by The Athletic asked a few pro football players their opinions on certain things and anonymously, they answered. We all know that Eagles fans would be on their radar since we have a reputation for backing the Birds until the very end.

Some of the questions included the best player in the NFL, the biggest trash talker, the coach you’d like to play for, the best stadium, the worst stadium, and of course, the most annoying fan base. Patrick Mahomes was named the best player, the best stadium went to the Chiefs, and the worst stadium was Metlife Stadium.

Which team has the most annoying fanbase? The Eagles.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Getty Images

To be fair, if NFL players truly think that Eagles fans are the most annoying, then I confidently will say we did our job! Apparently, we’re getting under other team’s skins when they roll into The Linc.

Of course, this poll was all in good fun, but I would like to know which NFL players participated. I’m sure The Athletic will never reveal that information, but it would be fun to know. I guess the only thing Bird’s fans can keep doing is being the best at backing our Eagles!

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