If you're into sports, you've definitely heard about Gritty. Gritty is the fuzzy orange mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers that got tons of criticism when he was first revealed to the world. The negative talk about Gritty's appearance has died down a little bit, mostly because of Gritty's very outgoing personality and the pure fact that he is extremely entertaining to watch! Well, haters are probably eating their words because an answer about Gritty just made it onto Jeopardy!

So who buzzed in and said "Who is Gritty?" That would be Eric Backes, an attorney who lives in Texas, but we're told has ties to Philadelphia. Which means that despite criticism, Gritty really is extremely popular even in the Lone star state. It looked like the contestant next to Eric knew that the answer may be Gritty as well, but Eric buzzed in first. 

Gritty was very excited about his famous moment and even tweeted a screenshot of it. Tons of Gritty's fans did the same! 

You go Gritty!

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