It seems that more and more Airbnbs are being suspended these days. Airbnb has released a statement saying that 65 Airbnbs across the city of Philadelphia have gone against COVID-19 related policies on guests and events in their establishments.

According to CBS Philly, these changes were officially made in August under a new policy that said that no more than 16 people can be in an Airbnb at once (too many people in my opinion). This isn’t anything new for the company, as Airbnb have done the same shut down procedure with 25 Airbnbs being closed or removed in Allegheny County.

Taking all the precautions they can, Airbnb has also decided to create a 24/7 Neighborhood Support Hotline, where people can call in to report issues they have during their stay. This has proven to be very affective, as many of the calls have been the reason that Airbnbs even know that illegal parties are happening in their premises.

When asked about this, Airbnb Northeast public policy director, Alex Dagg, had this to say, “It’s imperative that we all step up to do our part in reducing the number of large parties and events amid the pandemic, and we support the efforts of Philadelphia officials to curb any reckless behavior. We hope to raise greater awareness of our 24/7 neighbor support line, which helps us strengthen the enforcement of our ban on parties across Philadelphia.”

It just goes to show you, that if you plan to throw a party, maybe reconsider before doing so. And if you’re planning on going to an Airbnb, that may not be such a smart or healthy idea.


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