Wallethub recently did a study of over 180 cities in this fine nation and made a ranking of the most sinful cities in the country. Pennsylvania and New Jersey cities made several rankings, but Philadelphia came in at a high number 7 out of 182!!

And as if that wasn’t enough, Philadelphia was noted for ranking high in indulgence of avarice. Now what is avarice some of you are asking? The Oxford Dictionary definition of avarice is “extreme greed for wealth or material gain.” In other words, Philadelphia is greedy, and Philadelphia wants things. It would make sense that a city known for a place like South Street would be big into material things.

The survey also assessed which of the sin(ful) cities had the fewest of certain traits such as anger, jealousy, excesses, vanity, lust, laziness and avarice, as we mentioned up there. According to WalletHub, Philadelphia ranked the lowest for none of these things, only clocking in near the top for avarice and placing in the middle ground for everything else. The fact that we ranked so high during a year there was a global pandemic is nothing to be proud of.

Here’s to Philadelphia, it may be a den of sin, but where’s the fun in being good?


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