Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney isn't getting too worked up over whole the 'greased pole' shtick in the city.

At least, those are the general vibes he was giving off as he answered some Eagles-related questions on Tuesday.

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With the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl just a matter of days away, Kenney answered questions regarding his outlook on the game, his own plans for Super Bowl Sunday, city plans for a parade, and yep.... greasing the poles on Broad Street.

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Here's his comment about the poles, according to NBC10:

"I don't know. Greasing the poles keeps more people from climbing up them, but it doesn't stop everybody. So whatever the police thinks we should do, we do. But I'm ambivalent about the poles."

He went on to comment on whether or not he was concerned about celebrations in the city if the Eagles win:

"Nah. NFC Championship, what I saw from the coverage, it was diverse. People of all colors, ethnicities were out dancing with each other. Philadelphia Police were dancing with young kids. There's a general spirit of good will when you're successful, and hopefully we can keep that going all year... [...] I think we had like eight people arrested out of 20-some thousand, so it's not that bad. No sense in overreacting..."

Which is pretty much the only realistic way to look at the pole greasing situation. Philadelphia police can grease every pole in the city. But will that stop Eagles fans from conquering them? Nope.

I mean what can you do when you have people literally falling through bus stop shelter roofs?

Kenney did, however, go on to say that circumstances will be slightly different if the Eagles win the Super Bowl. The game will be over later in the night than the NFC Championship game, so measures may have to be taken if fans are still out galavanting at 1 or 2 am.

Hopefully this will be a bridge we'll have to cross on Sunday night! Grease or no grease, stay safe!!

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