Have you ever wanted to live like Jane and Tarzan; one with all animals and nature? Well this is the event made just for you. Taking place at the Philadelphia Zoo, guests can purchase tickets to spend the night at the zoo! This amazing opportunity happens every few months and the next one is happening November 15-16th, 2019.

This event is designed to house kids ages 6-13 as well as the chaperone that must accompany the child. The Philadelphia Zoo starts off with a meet and greet and live show with all the animals. After that, there is a late night hike with s’mores at the end plus plenty of other fun activates. You get to wake up surrounded by amazing wildlife and entrance to the park the next day. A continental style breakfast is included the next morning, as well as, a snack at night. Dinner will not be served so make sure to eat before going on this wild adventure.

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