Good news. The Philadelphia Zoo will be reopening in early July, according to the official zoo website.

The gates will be opening Monday, July 6th - Wednesday, July 8th for members of the zoo first, and then, it will open for general admission on Thursday, July 9th.

The zoo has a new reservation system in place to accommodate all guests safely and efficiently. Reservations will be required for everyone to enter, even zoo members. If you're a zoo member, you can start making reservations this Thursday (June 25th) at 12pm. The rest of the public can log on for reservations the next day (Friday, June 26th) at noon.

Remember, the zoo will only be allowed to welcome a limited number of guests (1/3 of the normal amount of guests), and will be monitoring capacity, so make your reservations as soon as you can. Indoor exhibits and rides will be closed until further notice.

Members of the zoo will only be allowed to book one visit at a time, and can't reserve another date until your other reservation has passed. Additional information for members of the zoo can be found here.

The zoo asks that anyone entering follow proper social distancing rules. You must stay 6 feet away from all other guests and employees that's aren't in your group. Face masks will be required for guests 8 and older, recommended for guests 2-7 years old, and not needed for children 2 and under.

You will be able to buy food, with some of the zoo's restaurants using a mobile ordering system.

For much more information on the zoo's reopening, click here.

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