I've done it. I've cast more than sixteen Philadelphia neighborhoods as holiday movie characters.

From the hipster vibes of Fishtown to the slightly pretentious but lovable vibes of Fairmount, I put together a list of the corresponding holiday movie characters — from Clark Griswold to Buddy the Elf and more. Keep scrolling to see which neighborhoods we cast them as inside our list below.

In fact, I even found a Philadelphia, PA  home for dear old Aunt Sandy from the hit Netflix movie, ‘Single All The Way.’ Keep scrolling to see which neighborhood she is cast in below.

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Of course, no matter what character we aligned with your neighborhood, we have to say that all of these were meant in incredibly good fun, so no hard feelings for any of our beloved Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Having said that, if you don't like the character that we aligned with your Philadelphia neighborhood, we don't care.

That is THE Philadelphia way, am I right? Just kidding! We love Christmas and the holidays in Philly, so the list was fun for us.

Alright, well, except maybe the last character on our list. Cause you KNOW that we had to cast on Philadelphia neighborhood as the Grinch. But, something tells me that most of Philadelphia won’t hate our decision there. Keep scrolling to find out which neighborhood took home that ‘honor.’

Ready? Here we go...

If Philadelphia Neighborhoods Were Christmas Movie Characters...

We LOVE Christmas much as the next guy so we put all of those years of watching holiday classics to the test when we made this list. We've rounded up more than 16 Philadelphia Neighborhoods to make our list below. Did we get it right?

Gallery Credit: Joe, 94.5 PST

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