Philly is known for its cheesesteaks and for its soft pretzels and now, you can both of those in one bite-sized treat.

According to, starting tomorrow, Philly Pretzel Factory will add mini cheesesteaks to its menu.  As you can probably guess, a mini cheesesteak is a pretzel nugget that is filled with fried steak and melted cheese.


The mini cheesesteak is a new addition to the Philly Pretzel Factory specialty menu, which also includes things like a cinnamon twist, a pretzel dog, a spicy pretzel sausage, and a pepperoni melt.  (Philly Pretzel Factory also offers a larger version of their cheesesteak-filled pretzel). also says that Philly Pretzel Factory has added a Tangy Sriracha to its lineup of dipping sauces, which includes 4 varieties of mustards and two varieties of cheeses.

For customers with sweet tooths, Philly Pretzel Factory offers brownie batter, butter cream, and a few other sugar-based dips.


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