Stephanie Andrewlevich is getting some major recognition for taking care of her students. I think we may even name her as one of the best principals ever.

According to Penn Live, Stephanie Andrewlevich, the Principal at S. Weir Mitchell Elementary School in Philadelphia stepped up last week when there was no one to serve the students their lunch.

Once Principal Andrewlevich realized that there was no one to serve the kids in her school their meals, she got staff members together and got to work.

Staff members ordered 400 pizzas as soon as pizzerias opened in order to feed the kids lunch. The staff members also went out to buy water and juice and of course pick up the pizza.

Breakfast was not served that morning and Principal Andrewlevich knows that many kids rely on those meals, so she wanted to do everything she could to get them lunch.

Principal Andrewlevich sent out a letter explaining what had happened that day, especially because it took a while to get all the kids fed that day.

The cafeteria staff did show up the following day and all meals were served to students, but I can imagine this was an extremely stressful day for Stephanie Andrewlevich and the staff at S. Weir Mitchell Elementary School in Philadelphia.

It's amazing how above and beyond some educators go for their students. Once you become a teacher, you start to invest yourself in your students.

I wasn't a full time teacher, but a dance teacher and a cheerleading coach, and I was so invested in the kids I taught and coached.

I'll never forget my elementary school principal, Mr. Conway. He was the nicest, sweetest man and I believe he retired shortly after I went to middle school.

I remember every interaction with him being great and everyone loving him. I could see him doing something like this for sure.

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