Shout out to Philly. We're making history but not for a good reason. At all. Philadelphia has been ranked as one of the cities with the most distracted drivers. According to 3 quarters of people on Philadelphia area roads use a cellphone while driving.

Travelers Institute did a survey on distracted driving and broke it up into categories of Purpose of use and amount of use per generation. Researchers are now wondering how they can solve the problem. A idea came up to turn to turn the technology that's causing the problem against us. Researchers want to come up with incentives that will reward people and create an engaging experience that will make being safe on the roads more appealing and fun.

Its unfortunate as well because Philly actually doesn't have hand free laws. The reality is, despite the laws against texting and driving, people aren't being ticketed. Also, its turns out that it's the millennial who rank the highest in cell phone use in all categories.

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