Did you know that birds can become confused by the artificial lights on buildings? Often, these bright lights cause birds to hit buildings or go off their migration paths. Just the thought of this makes me so sad….the birds just flying around and getting all out of sorts from the bright beautiful lights.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, there is a new program called Lights Out Philly which is aiming to prevent bird deaths as they migrate and fly at night. Thankfully, some of Philadelphia’s skyscrapers such as the Comcast towers, BNY Mellon Center and Liberty Place Buildings will shut off their lights at night in order to provide some protection for the migrating birds.

So, don’t be alarmed when Philadelphia’s skyline goes dark from midnight to 6am… it is on purpose and for a very good reason! According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, you can expect it to go dark from April 1 until May 3 which is peak spring migration period. But the lights will be back—for a few months! And then gone again from August 15 to November 15 for the birds’ peak fall migration period.

Apparently, hundreds of millions of birds pass through the city each year. I’m so happy Philadelphians are on board to help save the birds. I will say, it will be a little scary when *fingers crossed* we are able to go out to bars and clubs again and the city skyline will be pitch black.


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