The "Good Pizza Guy" from Philadelphia is going to be on Ellen today.  I can't wait to tune in.

I was watching the NBC 10 News this morning on the tv in the PST studio, and a commercial came on for Ellen DeGeneres' talk show and it teased Ben Berman's appearance this afternoon. I was so excited. The Crew and I talked all about Ben during The Scoop recently.

I love his story. Ben moved to Philly a couple of years ago to go to graduate school. Wham, the pandemic hits, and while spending more time at home, Ben made homemade pizza, and a lot of them. To make people happy, when everyone needed it, he gave the pizzas away, for free. It's how he gave them away that makes me laugh. He invented this pulley system, which helps him lower the pizza boxes (with happy notes on them) down to the street level from his apartment window. He calls it a "pizza drop." Lol.

Well, after a few months, it caught on. You can get in on these free pizza drops by going to his Instagram (@goodpizzaphl) and signing up to be in the lottery for one of his free, homemade pizzas. Berman just asks for donations, with all the money collected going to local charities like, Philabundance and Project HOME.

For more on Ben's story, make sure you check him out on Ellen this afternoon (Friday, January 22) on NBC at 3pm. Ellen recreated Ben's pulley system in her studio, so I'm sure we're all in for some laughs.

Way to go, Ben. The world needs more people like you.

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