A few days ago we told you that the Abercrombie & Fitch suddenly closed in the Oxford Valley Mall.  It's just one of many recent closings in the Langhorne, PA shopping center.

It's widely known that many malls in the U.S. are struggling to compete with online retailers and "big box" stores like Walmart and Target.

It's hard to believe that not too long ago, it was tough to find a vacant store in a mall.  According to Wikipedia, Oxford Valley Mall opened in 1973.

At one point or another, the mall was home to department stores like Gimbel's, Bamberger's, Wannamaker's, Hecht's, Sears, Boscov's, and Strawbridge's.  Today, Macy's and JCPenney are the only 2 anchor stores in the mall.

Who remembers these stores that were once part of Oxford Valley Mall --- Lady Bug, Paraphernalia, Bombay Co., and Fluff & Stuff?

How about Buster Brown's, Kinney's, DEB, and Merry Go Round?

And then, there were these eateries --- Olga's, Farrell's Ice Cream, Friendly's, Baines Deli, and Kahunaville.

You want more?  Orange Julius, Sam Goody's, Chess King, KB Toys, Structure, Radio Shack, Wicks N Sticks, Lerner, and 5-7-9.

What did we forget?  Post your comments below.

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