New Years' weekend is looking very inside the house-ish this year. With the rise in covid cases, everyone is afraid to step foot inside a public place in fear of contracting the Omicron variant. Holiday parties are being canceled left and right. Bar and restaurants are shutting down their facilities early. And people are now planning to bring in 2022 on the couch in the comfort of their own homes.

Even though for the second year in a row we cant bring in the new year with a bang, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate at all. You can still opt to have a small get-together with your close, vaccinated friends. Some of my close friends and I are quarantining for the week so that we can spend New Year's eve together in a safe way.

We heard about this pizza bagel pop-up that is happening in Philly on Friday and have already decided to have it catered for our celebration. According to Philly Voice, Kismet Bagels in Kensington is teaming up with Freelance Pizza to give out do-it-yourself pizza bagel kits. So in the comfort of your own house, you and your friends can get messy and make your own pizza bagels before the ball drops.


This all goes down at Riverwards Produce from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 31. According to Philly Voice, the kit will cost you only $24 and it comes with enough to make 6 pizzas. The perfect amount for your socially distanced party.


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