Did anybody catch PJ's Pancake House in downtown Princeton on TV Sunday night? If you're a reality tv fan, you may have.

The show is TLC's 90 Day Fiancé. Have you seen it? It follows real-life couples who have applied for or gotten the K-1 visa, which is when an American citizen can petition for his or her fiancé to come to the United States. Once here, the couple has 90 days to get married, hence the name of the show.

Interesting. I don't watch the show, but, my friends who do tell me there's always drama. What would a reality show be without drama, right? Lol.

One of the couples on the show, Ariela and Bini, are back for Season 9. Ariela is from Princeton. Her father, Dr. Fred Weinberg, is a cardiologist. Rumor has it the couple, who have married and have a child, live in either Princeton or Plainsboro.

I was checking out their Instagram and I found a post from May when they were with their adorable son in my hometown of Cranbury (that's Main Street in front of Teddy's Restaurant).

On Sunday night's episode of the show (season 9, episode 12), Ariela brings Bini to PJ's Pancake House on Nassau Street in Princeton. She tells him, "There's a famous breakfast place in Princeton."

One of the owners of PJ's, John Procaccini, told me the episode was filmed last fall. Funny how the TV world works.

Procaccini also said Ariela and her family have been loyal customers for many years. Ariela's mom grew up in Princeton because she refers to her mom carving her initials in the table back when she was in high school, like so many people have over the years.

It was so cool to see a restaurant that I've been to so many times getting some air time.

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