Hmmm...wondering where to go and grab a drink, locally, the night before Thanksgiving...the biggest party night of the year? You don't have much more time to decide, so I've put together some suggestions for you...feel free to add to my list, I'd love more.

Now, this is NOT a "Best Places To Go The Night Before Thanksgiving" list...everyone has their own opinion about where the best places are, this is simply a list of the places either  I've been to, or my friends or my co-workers have been to and enjoyed.

You should probably consider staying near where you're ending up for the night, so not all of these suggestions may work for you, but, here goes:

In no particular order:

Remember, you have to be awake and alert to answer your relative's 85 questions about your life the next day, so don't go too hard. Lol.

Have fun & be careful. Happy Thanksgiving.


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