For the 5th time, a Philadelphia council man has introduced a bill to ban plastic bags. After 10 years of failed attempts, its looking like it might actually happen.

The nation as a whole is heading in the direction of riding plastic bags, or at least taxing them. Already 12 states and 200 municipalities have already stopped bag distribution or they are working towards doing so.

Philadelphia hasn't had much luck over the years.  Councilman Mark Squilla has been one of many leaders of our city to try and fail at this. Their argument has been that these plastic bags add to the litter epidemic.

However, this might be the year. Squilla  has gotten strong support from the city and a few of his fellow legislators, and alot of the opposition has died down that was coming from lobbyists.

Times are changing and its clear everyone is on board for a healthier environment.

“This is a great opportunity right now,” Squilla stated. “Before the end of 2019, this legislation will pass.”

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