Yesterday I saw on Twitter that there was a random bug going around causing PlayStation 4 consoles to completely stop working. People were reporting that they were receiving random messages in their inboxes that would completely crash their systems.

There were so many tweets urging people to check their PlayStation Network inboxes to see if they received the random message. PS4 owners also were told to change their message preferences to receive messages from "Friends Only" or to block messages all together. Otherwise they would have to reset their systems.

I own a PS4 and I ran home to check, and prayed I wasn't affected by this bug. Luckily, my PS4 is safe for now. I added a video below to help explain the bug, how to prevent from receiving the message, and how to reset you PlayStation 4 if you need to.


There is good news in all in this. According to Sony has fixed the issue! Hopefully a new update comes out soon to patch this.

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