You may think this video is completely ridiculous, but I think it's hilarious and it's something that I want to show my mom immediately. I have always viewed my mom as most kids do, as a very innocent and bashful woman. However, my mom has seen all three Fifty Shades of Grey movies and I even heard her say the F word the other day. So I'm pretty sure my mom isn't as innocent as she paints herself out to be. Which is why I can't wait to show her this video!

According to The DrumKFC and Chippendales, have teamed up to bring moms everywhere an awesome video that will have you wanting to fly out to Vegas and eat fried chicken on the way! Now the video that is below is just a generic one, however, if you visit Chippendale's website, you can actually personalize the video with your mom's name in it! My mouth is drooling thinking about these men AND fried chicken!

Hey, what better gift to give your mom this Mother's Day? Okay, maybe get her some flowers too, but after that, I think you're set!

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