This summer will be one to remember or maybe one to never talk about again. But either way, while we are living through these tough times, we are noticing a bunch of beaches are enforcing a large amount of rules. Point Pleasant is one of those beaches that is enforcing some very strict rules. recently reported that Point Pleasant Beach will not allow big coolers on the beach in an effort to prevent beachgoers from bringing in any type of alcohol. Point Pleasant believes that with smaller coolers it will make it harder to hide anything that should not be on the beach. The Mayor of Point Pleasant also told that every one that is bringing a cooler must be 18 years of age or older.

Sure, that sounds a little strict but there is another rule that may annoy you even more.

It was also mentioned on that Point Pleasant Beach will be extremely strict on how loud you are playing your music. Loud music has been banned from the beach but the question is, what is considered loud to the staff at Point Pleasant Beach?

The Mayor also told, "First and foremost, these measures were taken to stem the tide of disrespect that has been left unchecked for the past 5 years or so."

Realistically speaking, we are just thankful that beaches are still open even during the pandemic. A few rules will not be too bad to follow. Having a few more things to do will make this crazy summer a little more fun.

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