According to, last week a 23 year old man suffered a near-fatal drug overdose at the Trenton-Mercer airport in Ewing, NJ. He exhibited apparent physical symptoms and others waiting in the passenger area took notice.

In their discussion with Mercer County Sheriff Jack Kelmer, was able to determine that this incident occurred Thursday morning June 27th.

Officer Matthew Sciabbarrasi who worked at the Airport Unit of the department was able to save the man. He gave him Naloxone, commonly known as NARCAN, which is an opioid antidote. Shortly after, the man regained consciousness. notes that the man was taken to Capital Health Medical Center by Ewing EMS staff to be treated. Trenton-Mercer Airport Fire Department #34 first responders helped with the incident as well.

In a quote from, Kemler said, “It is for crisis situations such as this one, that we continually train our officers on how to administer Narcan.” Noting Sciabbarrasi’s efforts and the importance of the drug to combat the opioid epidemic.


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