The trendy liquid nitrogen snack known as Dragon`s Breath (or as Heaven`s Breath or Nitro Puff) is popping up all over social media and it looked cool. I even wanted to try it because I thought it looked fun. I was watching videos on Instagram and saw people eating the smoking snacks and blowing out vapor from their noses and mouths. Like I wrote, "it looked like fun." I'm using the past tense, because I just read on that Dragon's Breathe can be harmful.

I watched another report on it from PIX 11 news that also warned people to stay away from the popular snack. They had Dr. Diane Calello, the executive director of the New Jersey Poison Control Center, talk about Dragon's Breath. Dr. Calello said that she started getting calls from patients who had sore throats or experienced chest pains after eating Dragon's Breath. Now the FDA and the New Jersey Poison Control Center discovered that when liquid nitrogen is added to food right before consuming it could be dangerous. Dr. Calello described as the injuries similar to frostbite. Other medical experts have reported potential burns to the esophagus and stomach. It could also cause breathing problems for people who have asthma. The report said that medical experts are warning people to stay away from Dragon's Breath.

According to the article, at least six cases have been reported about injuries and illnesses related to the Dragon's Breath snack in New Jersey. We'll see if this popular snack is soon banned from the state all together.


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