A popular Italian bakery based in Staten Island has opened its first location in New Jersey, according to NJ.com.

It's called Bruno's Bake Shop and its newest location recently opened on W. Main Street in Freehold.

I checked out the bakery menu and it looks fabulous. It includes Italian & French pastries, butter cookies, mini pastries (tarts, eclairs, shooters & more), cheesecakes, pies, layer cakes, mousse cakes, tarts, Danish, cupcakes, big cookies, biscotti and more.

There's also a holiday bakery menu, you can check it out here. I wouldn't wait too much longer to order.
In addition to the bake shop in Freehold, there will also be a gelato shop attached. In the warmer months (spring through fall) it will be serving homemade gelato. Yum. It's due to open for the first time this spring.

Bruno's Bakery Shop is located at 356 W. Main Street, Freehold.

The hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 7am - 7pm and Sunday from 7am - 5pm. It's closed on Monday.

I'm looking forward to stopping by and checking it out.

One of my favorite Italian restaurants is also on Main Street in Freehold. It's Federici's Family Restaurant (14 E. Main Street). The pizza is thin, crispy and absolutely delicious.

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