The local police chief in New Hope is giving the all clear after a scary situation unfolded in the area earlier tonight.

Investigators were looking into a possible hostage situation after they received a call from a blocked number. The male caller alleged to have shot his girlfriend Sunday afternoon, and he told authorities that he had an explosive device in the home.

“He said that he had shot his girlfriend and that he had a hostage and that he was going to, that he had an IED device that he was going to set off,” Police Chief Mike Cummings said.

Law enforcement from multiple agencies descended upon the area after that call, with their search appearing to center inside an apartment at the corner of W Ferry and Main Streets in downtown New Hope.

"(We) determined that it did not appear to be a real incident," the police chief told reporters just before 9 pm Sunday. "The more we spoke, got information, and investigated it we realized it was probably a hoax."

“Our search team entered the building with robots and searched the building. The conclusion was that no one was in the building at all," Cummings said.

Meanwhile, officials are now searching for the man who made the original call to police. Officials say it was likely part of a "swatting" incident. "Swatting" calls are made in an attempt to bring the dispatch of a large number of armed authorities to a particular address.

The Logan Hotel, which was located near the scene, was temporarily evacuated Sunday night out of an abundance of caution.  Plus, before determining it was a hoax, a reverse 911 phone alerted residents in the immediate area to shelter in place.

Main St closed between Bridge St and W. Ferry St. was closed for much of the evening.

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