Heads up if you will be commuting in or out of Philadelphia today:

Motorists are being warned about heavy traffic in the Philadelphia area as President Trump visits the city later this afternoon. n tied to a visit from President Trump later this afternoon.

The president is expected to give a speech to thousands of electrical contractors during their annual conference at the Convention Center in Center City this afternoon.

Of course, any street closures will result in traffic headaches as he visits the City of Brotherly Love.

The precise timing of the president’s arrival is not made public in advance. You can, however, expect sudden road closures as the motorcade travels to and from the Convention Center to Philadelphia International Airport.

Based on the timeline: it sounds like the delays are expected to run from early afternoon until the beginning of the evening rush hour. So it’s probably safe to assume that you’ll want to pack a lot of patience if you’re traveling on I-95.

Meanwhile, if you’ll be in Center City itself portions of Vine and Race Street are expected to be closed for much of the afternoon as the president attends the convention.

We'll let you know if we hear about any additional road closures. 

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